1138A Robot Reveal

Here are some pictures of our robot:


Robot Specs:
4 Motor (High Speed Gearing) X-Holonomic Drive Base
6 Motor (High Speed Gearing) Vertical Chain Lift
2 Piston Pneumatic Actuated Claw, ability to hold up to 3 cubes
Passive Skyrise Collector

That looks like a really nice, well built and slick robot! Its so tidy! I like the X-drive and your elevator lift. It looks like some of my predictions were right! :cool:
A few questions…
How high can you score? (posts and skyrise)
Can the claw pick up cubes diagonally, or does a face have to be perpendicular to the back of the claw to pick cube(s) up?
When are you competing?

First of all thanks.
And now to answer your questions:

  1. We can score on every single grey post and we can score/stack 6 skyrises
  2. Yes the claw can pick up a cube if the cube is diagonal
  3. We are competing at the Clash of the Canyons, Reseda Skyryse Tournament, Granada Hills Skyrise Tournament and the Windward Tournament

I’d like to start off by saying great robot! Our specs are all the same on paper but your robot puts mine to shame.

Some questions.

How’d you get your linear lift stages so close? With ours we are using the medium high strength sprockets(12t I think) and we can’t make our lift any skinnier without rubbing those sprockets.

Are you using the very small HS sprockets to avoid my scenario?

Do you have any leaning issues?

Does that counter balance help by having your tanks on your lift?

How exactly are your motors mounted? Did you ever have motor sprocket skipping issues?

Thank you for the be inspiration. I was about to give up on linear lifts and this gives me hope. :slight_smile:

I managed to watch some of the Clash of the Canyon’s event on its livestream. So I got to watch some of the games your team played in the competition, which was very impressive indeed.
Thanks for the answers, It was good seeing your robot in action.

Oh gosh, this robot looks amazing! I love the way the lift and claw are built. Our team actually tried experimenting with a claw but it was way too clunky and clumsy to work with our design. Quick question: how long did it take for you to build the claw? We worked for a few hours on our design but scrapped it because it didn’t work :frowning:

Ok, I lied, I have another question. Could you post a picture of your 3 cube capacity? Our claw design was way larger and only could hold 2. Thanks!

Do you have a link to your cable management system?

Each stage takes up one inch of space horizontally, so this means the axle for each sprocket is exactly one inch away from one another. Mathematically this is barely enough for the six tooth sprockets. In fact our entire lift uses the six tooth sprockets, there is no reason to use the larger ones as they provide less torque.

The lift does lean a little, but not enough to cause any major issues. The pneumatic tanks do help a bit but it adds a lot of weight. Going forward we are going to try to remove them and reduce the overall weight of the lift while trying to re-balance it.

The motors are mounted with every two motors sharing one axle. For a total set of three paired motors. On these axles are six tooth sprockets with the chain weaving through them. We haven’t had any issues with the chain skipping in this setup.

Wow, looks awesome. We have attempted to make one of our robots utilizing a multistage lift.

We have tried to avoiding pneumatics due to all the extra parts leading to more things possibly going wrong.

Our lift consists of using the new linear sliders, but as we have found, they are just way too heavy. You’re using aluminum c-channel which obviously offers a significant weight savings.

My question to you is how do you link all the slide pieces together to give you your cascading lift? Images would be awesome.

Again, it looks great.


Very creative! Most people are designing scissors lifts or reverse 4 bars. Not many use the vertical lift like the one you use :cool:

Wow! This robot looks really effective, and most of all, it looks clean. I really like the cable management. How long did that take?

My team, 10Z, is using a linear lift, chained in a cascade setup. We have experienced a fair amount of sprocket skipping and chain breaking on the bottom stage, and we were thinking of alleviating this by using a continuous chain setup. It seems that cascade just puts too much stress on the bottom stage. Just curious, what reasons did your team come up with for using your continuous chain setup? Is it to reduce stress?

Lastly, what is your bot’s weight? We are at around 19 pounds with a two-sided linear lift (3 motors powering each side), and for us, the weight is stressing the drive.

Thank you!


  1. Our Wiring took one full meeting, so around 8 hours.
  2. Our robot weighs around 24 Pounds, and this puts a lot of stress on the robot. Our team is thinking of switching to a regular drive base.

Wow! This robot is so cool! After seeing this, I was wondering, how fast can it do its max skyrise(and what is its max skyrise)? Also, how many points can this robot score in robot skills? Thank you and congratulations on building this robot.


Our robot can stack all the skryises expect for 1 and it takes roughly around 7 seconds to reach it’s make height.

In robot skills, at our last competition we could get 20 points (due to lack of practice), but we can get around 35 points.

looks beautiful! where do you order your cable protection? It doesn’t look like standard mats

We got our cable sleeving at our local Fry’s

Fabulous. Our A team practically has the same design, but the build quality just differs so much. This is a very well designed and crafted robot. More like a piece of art, actually.

I like how everything looks so neat. Great competition robot pal. I wonder how much further Joshua Wade would habe gotten with an X drive like this! :smiley:

Anything new with your bot?

Yep! We changed out our skyrise collector to a pneumatic actuated one because it will help out our autonomous a lot. And also, we are going to change out our base to a regular style base because the base was not performing as well as we wanted at our competition. (Stalling, not moving forward well etc.). But we are keeping the cube collector and the lift the same.