1138A Teaser Reveal


A full robot reveal will happen on Friday, October 12.
Robot Teaser Reveal.jpg

Looks like an interesting robot, I cant wait to see it in more detail. I’m going to throw out some assumptions I have made from the photo.

The 6 motors appear to be powering a mechanism vertically, this would logically be a lift. I can see what I think is one old linear slider, hence I’m guessing an elevator lift with a minimum of one stage however it will likely be more than one stage, considering the motors it appears you have allocated to the mechanism.

There are several sensors that are visible on this small portion of the robot. I would assume that there are quite a few more and that one of your teams focuses is programming for the autonomous section to get that 10pt bonus.

When do you intend to reveal this robot? The next 12th of October on a Friday appears to be in 2018 :smiley:
Whenever it is I look forward to it.

Plot twist… Noah is actually from the future and is revealing his robot for the game that we will all be playing in 2018.

Anyways I can’t wait to see your full reveal!

The drive has omni wheels and probaly the robot has a lot of senors.

Im guessing a elevator lift and the limit switch keep it from going to far down. The drive is a h-drive and some sort of pneumatic or passive intake.

Sorry about the typo, I meant Friday, October 17

I’m going to try to make an educated guess.

A six motor linear lift that is chain driven, probably cascade style.
A passive or pneumatic claw type of intake that is primarily focused on the skyrise, but it has the ability to do both. (Guessing passive since no air tanks are present)
A 4-motor mecanum or x-drive with the small 2" onmi wheel used as a positioning device for auto.
IME’s for pid control of the life?
Using the Limit switch to reset your lift’s position at it’s bottom?
The LCD screen is for multiple auto. selection and other sensor feedback.

That’s good that we don’t have to wait 4 years for the reveal. :wink:

He would realse one pixel a day for four years. :p:p