11495A/11495B Winter Dual Reveal

Showing off our bots before we make our changes. Feel free to ask any questions.

Very nice robot. Glad I’m not in Texas!

Thank you.

The cap flipping is great. Love the simple and passive method.

Thank you.
448x has the original.

How did you make your puncher design? I haven’t seen anything like it.

It originated from gear geeks jr Striker design from NBN, but I made quite a few changes since then.

I had a very similar shooter design for a long time. But I changed to a 2BC for efficiency. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one with that idea!

Yes, I remember you hinting at it and I was getting nervous that you would beat me to it. I’m really happy to have a more original design, and the thought of someone beating me to it made me pretty nervous.

Well, I technically did beat you to it, I think. It was working pretty well, but the 2BC bandwagon won me over. My first competition whareat I would premiere it got cancelled, allowing for extensive redesigns.

[Sorry, forgot to quote]

I’d like to discuss your design process either here or on a pm. I really like unique shooters, and while yours is more massive than mine, we both had the same ideas for it.

I’ve actually been designing this from the start, we completed it at the end of October and took it to our first competition on November 10th, at that point I didn’t have the angle adjuster working that well though.
I still can’t bring myself to agree with the two Ball Catapult design, not enough room for error in my opinion.
But sure, you can PM me if you want to talk more about the design.

@Robo Legends @ZackJo which is the better account to start a pm with? I could do both, but that might be kind of redundant if they are both controlled by the same person.

Why didn’t you just make a normal linear puncher with an angle adjuster?

ZackJo would be better, our Robo Legend account is just for reveals mostly.

Because a linear slide adds far more friction than the Striker, the Striker doesn’t have the hammer rubbing on a slide. Also with the rotation, tip speed comes into play allowing me to use far less torque to get more power, most linear punchers I find aren’t near as strong. It would typically take two V5 motors to get a linear puncher to be as strong as my one motor Striker. A good example of this is ten ton robotics. Also I like to have unique designs, and this one is pretty uncommon.
I have quite a few other reasons, but those are the big ones.

Does it really need to be that powerful though? 574c made a linear puncher work well with an angle adjuster, and they only used one 393 on their puncher.

The strength gives us more room for error. You see some flywheels or double catapults that sometimes hit the flag dead on and it doesn’t turn all the way. With our shot strength as long as it hits the flag it will turn.

Nice robots! But I have to ask, why mecanums?

The strafing seriously helps with lining up shots or lining up for the platform. You can see an example of this on the final clip in the reveal at 2:50.

I love the original design, the striker as you call it. I’m always a big fan of original ideas. However I disagree, our puncher is just as powerful as the striker you demonstrated with just one v5 motor. We made it as strong for the same reasons you described.
Anyways, great robots!