11495A/11495B Winter Dual Reveal

Thanks. In this case I applaud your build quality, its pretty challenging to get a linear puncher that powerful. May I ask what your fire rate is?

Sure it takes about .75 seconds on average.
It took us maybe 5 different prototypes (if not more) since the end of July to get the puncher we have now so obviously we didn’t quite get it overnight, but when you eliminate everything that causes friction, plus good rubber bands you can make a pretty cool puncher.
Reveal coming soon :slight_smile:


I look forward to the reveal. Do you have a distance that it can shoot?

We’ve never actually measured that. Let’s just say it can shoot out of the arena if we want it to.

It sounds like a great bot. I look forward to seeing your reveal.

Poggers. Nice robot. Amazed to see your progression from last season

Thanks, we’ve learned a lot since then.