11495A Worlds Reveal

Kicker OP

Kicker lookin’ good as always! Good luck at worlds!

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A kicker is almost the best. The only thing[s] better are punchers, flywheels, catapults, and trebuchets.


A little typo there, nothing to worry about! :slight_smile:


I disagree. I think the word we’ve all been trying to find is clapper.

As in “this robot’s gonna clap the competition”

  • clapper
  • slapper
  • kicker

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It’s always been slapper. Slapper. S L A P P E R. S L A P P E R.

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@meepmeepme. :rage: why you do this?!

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Super cool bot and reveal. Love seeing more teams using mecanums.
I’ll see you in Technology :wink:

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yeah, just like a ram is a “stick”

(Catty gang (20 char min))

@ShortCircuitAlliance Gang!
Nice bot!


Look forward to seeing you their to. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s me. what’s up?

Someone asked your team number. I gave it, then they deleted their question

ah gotcha. (20 chars)

Spectacular reveal, Zack! You know I’m a fan of your work.

Plus, that dual purpose descorer/scraper linkage I gave you totally would’ve worked on this robot. Oh well. Ran out of prototyping time, I guess.

Looks like your accuracy and consistency will make up for the slower drive speed. With the strafing, though, you might be able to get around defense. It’ll be interesting to watch your matches and see how exactly you deal with that.



I don’t care what it is called… awesome. Looking forward to playing you guys in tech.

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Thanks see you there.