12 motors or 10+pneumatics?

What’s your opinion?

12 motors, cheaper and never found a NEED for pneumatics

Can’t think of any good reason for pneumatics this season.

I could think of plenty good reasons for pneumatics, however limiting yourself to 10 motors in the process doesn’t seem to work well this year. Maybe someone will find an efficient and better way to use them.

If you want fast firing, medium linear power, pneumatics might be better than 2 motors. But that’s really the only situation… In rotational power, pneumatics get dumped on, in high linear power, pneumatics doesn’t have enough kick and in low linear power, 2 motors will be better unless you need simplicity.

Pnumatic drive train op. With 2 pistons you can make a 4 stage process that gives really fast rotational movement. :wink:

Pneumatics seem like a much more plausible choice this year. I have thought of many ways to use pneumatics this year, and since we already have them it will be fine to try.


You could potentially use Pneumatic brakes to prevent your alliance bot from accidentally throwing your shots off. But other than that, I don’t see a real use for pneumatics other than maybe shooting something to latch to the poll out of your robot.

Opening intakes to get them out of the way of the huge game objects for the launcher, possibly hanging, extra opening functions, etc.

Actually, I’ve thought of a very good use for pneumatics this year (granted I’m VEX U now, so I get them anyway). Have a pneumatic mechanism that, upon extension of the piston, releases an elastically loaded hanging “pole.” Then, upon retraction of the piston, the robot will lift up off the ground slightly (assuming you’ve grappled to the pole) giving you a very quick low lift.

Oh really ?

Yeah. Other than an elevation design I haven’t thought of anything I can’t do with stored energy, I can can do an elevation with stored energy to. I don’t think pneumatics will be game changing, and since my team doesn’t already have pneumatics, I don’t think it will be worth it to invest in them.

I’m leaning towards the 12 motors, but I do see a few applications to where pneumatics could be really beneficial.

I agree, 2 extra motors would be beneficial to everyone. if you have pneumatics you can do some things but you could probably figure out a way to use 1 motor for the same thing and still have another left over for whatever you want to use it for.

Well if we do a preseason I hope I can show you a few applications on the robot :wink: .

I am a vexu team member too, I want to know ,can a Vexu robot use 12 motors and pneumatics?

Transmissions. 4 motor lift, 4 motor drive, 2 motor grabber. Switch the drive power to the lift when lifting your robot for 8 motor lift, effective 14 motors + pneumatics.

Pneumatics will help with a 6 motor drive, two motor dump ,two motor claw, and there are two motor ports to spare.

Rather than use pneumatics to deploy an intake that will be outside of 18x18x18 the whole match, would it not be better to passively deploy the intake and save motors or pneumatics? I can imagine many passively deploying intakes being deployed by ramming into a wall at the beginning of the match. Just my opinion. I’m probably picturing a different kind of design in my head than you guys are, so what I am saying may not make sense or reasonable to you guys. :slight_smile: