12 motors...?

how do I use 12 motors on my robot if there are only 10 ports that have room for 3 pins?

There are these nifty little contraptions called y-sync cables. They essentially take two motors, and run them off of the same motor port.

They look like this:

In order to have 12 motors on your robot, you must have two 3-Wire Y-Cables on your robot. What a 3-Wire Y-Cable does is it turns one 3-Wire port into two 3-Wire ports, allowing another motor to be added. You can buy them here and they are on the bottom of the “3-Wire Extension Cables” tab.
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

  • [TVA]Connor

so basically I have a four motor drive so I would put the two left ones into one port. also then how would I code it?

Whenever you tell a specific port on your CORTEX to go 127, then both motors connected to that port will go 127. You can’t program a specific motor on the Y-Cable to go a specific speed sadly.
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

  • [TVA]Connor

then theoretically wouldn’t I be able too have more than 12 motors?


Before you enter a competition, you have to make sure your robot passes inspection compete. During inspection, one phase is where they check for whether or not you have the permitted amount of motors.
Also some competitions even check whether or not you modified your motors to produce more than they are meant to.

Overall Moral: Follow all rules regarding motors!

Well, theoretically you would be able to use more than 12 motors if you have enough y-cables, however, you’d run into the rules right there. No more than 12 motors for competition (10 if using pneumatics).

Essentially, treat both y-cabled motors as one motor (both will run at the same speed that the port is given).

Two reasons why you would not want to do that:

  1. Splitting the power to each motor can lead to a higher burnout rate (but just slightly)
  2. It’s against the rules