12 tooth gear that is stronger

We’ve stripped 4 of them now.

In most applications, we can circumvent this problem by sistering with another gear (making drivetrain double wide) but that doesn’t work with worm drive.

I agree. For the smaller gears (12t & worm 24t), we need either a metal version, or at least metal hub inserts, or some other way to transfer more torque.

See this thread for a discussion on stripping the 24t worm gears. My solution was to modify the gear and reinforce it with some Vex plate.


  • Dean

For stripping out the hole, adding mounting holes such that the bar lock: BAR-LOCK-4PK could be used to transfer torque from shaft to gear would be helpful.

that is a viable strategy for larger gears, but not for the little one.

All in all the vex kit needs to have a a bunch of new parts.

For one metal gears would be sweet, allowing more torque and weight capacities.

Second the motors need to be more powerful

For the motors you will not be able to get enough current to drive anything big so you could switch on a relay connected to a larger power supply and motor.l

Third the axles need to be like titanium or something extremely strong because when put under a lot of stress the vex axles tend to bend which is not good.

you seem to be describing something like a “super vex”

I myself think that vex won’t be vex with out the plastic gears, mailable axles, and less-than-superman motors.

Yes, “Super Vex”

I see a nice chassis and wheel design system, now its time to increase the power and drive systems.

I really want to see a small nitro motor and some larger electric motors for vex and if you get this then you will need stronger gears.

And when it comes down to it plastic is just to weak for gears, out of vex parts i could make something that could lift a 50lb weight but the weakest link would not be the metal rather the gears and the axles.