1200 Syntax Error Website Reveal

mbrunn and I have been working on a website for Syntax Error and the whole robotics club from our school.
We made this so that we spread our knowledge about robotics to the Vex community.
We will have videos on how to CAD by drbayer.
We will be getting videos on how to program things will easyc and how to build a good chassis

This website will have a history of our robotics club that started back in 2006.
We have a table of contents page so you can see what we have under each tab.
It also has pictures of our first prototype bot for this years game Gateway.

Please let me know what you think of it, I’m always open to suggestions.

We would like to have it as a site that everyone visits to see how our robot is doing.

Thank you from the members of 1200 Syntax Error
-Home of the Mountain Dew Suit

Well organized site. Thanks for putting my team up on there.

We have posted more pictures of our robot in the Videos and pics of Robots tab. Thank you drbayer for saying our site is well organized. I have attached one of the photos to this post if you want to look at our robot before going to our website.
side view.jpg

Excellent web site and picture… BTW, you can have your Attached Picture, appear Inline in your Post by using the Image Tags…

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Looks like a solid robot. Do you have any videos of this robot preforming?

Can’t wait for Wildstang!

We just put one on youtube called syntax gateway match. It is not our best match, but it shows what we can do. We can’t wait to face you(Bot-E Builders) in Rolling Meadows.

We have a similar design, but you really have a fast scoring mechanism.

How do you drop all the objects at once? I am interested in knowing…

Thanks :smiley:

We drop all of the objects at once by having a pneumatic intake that opens up and all of the objects fall out.

I think your website is pretty cool. Very well layed out

thank you so much hen janko

U r welcome General Reggie

How many pneumatic kits did you use in your robot?

we use various parts from kits we had bought in the past so i dont know how many kits exactly.

Can you control the number of pieces to drop or whenever you open up the intake, all pieces will fall out?

it depends if you can hit the button fast enough to close it. i can do it just fine.

A very organized and professional website. Great Job.

Have you thought about having a button to drop one at a time, so the driver doesn’t have to quickly open/close the gripper? (I like programmatic aids, so I was just wondering…)

EDIT: Nitpick: " is the abbr. for inch, and ’ is the abbr. for foot. I’d be really impressed if your workroom was 45" by 25." :stuck_out_tongue: (http://1200syntaxerror.weebly.com/unique-qualities-of-our-club.html)


ya we actually use two different buttons for the pneumatics (both digital latches for the same output) and message generalreggie about that abbreviations