1200b mainframe meltdown robot reveal

**1200B Mainframe Meltdown

4x393’s geared internally for speed
4’’ Wheel

4x269’s geared 7:1
6 Bar Arm

2x269s on 24 tooth sprockets

Here is a video of our robot driving around.

Looks like a solid efficiency design robot, but do you have any fiddly mechanisms that set you apart from the hoard of other efficiency robots we’ll see at Worlds?

Do you plan to do either of the skills challenges at Worlds?

Do you plan to fix the problem with balls rolling up due to being squeezed by adjacent objects and then falling out of your intake?

How do you deal with objects stuck in front of goals when you try to score?

How do you deal with objects stuck in corners/to the sides of goals when you try to intake?

Are you primarily an interaction or isolation robot?

Do you have any specialized autonomous routines?

No. What kind of mechanisms are you talking about? Something like 254B’s intake? I do not see the point in adding a mechanism that will not be crucial in the performance of a robot while adding more weight, no offense.


I have ideas in mind but nothing created. I am open to all suggestions!

Move them haha.

Intake them. If I actually try while driving to get the pieces I can do it.

Perferably isolation beacuse that it what I have been driving to all season. Also, because we can intake pieces quickly and outake at a mild speed it would make more sense to be in isolation, unlike team 1200 Syntax Error where they have an instant outake.

You’ll have to find out for yourself…

I personally have seen this robot evolve throughout the season. It was one of the first of this style bots that I had seen, and has improved constantly. It won two tournaments paired with us (Syntax) and was a viable robot in both zones. This version of this design may not seem like anything special, but has been improved upon throughout the year and is plenty ready for worlds. Good job so far this year guys and good luck at worlds!!!

There’s probably nothing that is absolutely “crucial” to the efficiency robot design, but what do you think will most set you apart from the other efficiency robots we will see at Worlds? In your example of 254B, while the variable angle ramp isn’t “crucial” it lets them intake objects some fraction of a second faster than other efficiency robots. While this advantage may be small, when you’re up against 100+ other robots that look essentially the same, you have to differentiate yourself, even in the smallest of ways.

Will it be driver skill, autonomous strategy, some hidden capability you haven’t shown us?

i agreed :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, will Team 1492 be releasing any reveals? Has there been great changes since everyone last saw it on youtube?

I’m not sure if 1492 has the time for a reveal. We work our designs and our programming down to the wire before every tournament and we plan to fly with our robots on Wednesday morning, when we leave for Anaheim, instead of shipping them early. I’d suggest you drop by our pits and say hello and we’d be happy to talk about our designs, or at least as much as we can say in the spirit of competition :slight_smile:

1492A and 1492Z have gone over complete redesigns for Worlds. 1492X has built off its previous design, but has also had major changes. Our robots would probably not be recognizable by any specific mechanisms that were seen in earlier iterations.

1492 is really excited for Worlds. The competition worldwide continues to exponentially increase and Worlds is going to be a devastating exhibition of skill.

what about the Z wallbot?
they going to worlds?
the Dec version is still by far the best wallbot ive seen to date

1492Z Honeybadger v.(whatever number it’s at now) will be going to Worlds. We agree that the multiple iterations of Honeybadger all have had their advantages and disadvantages. Since it qualified in November, the past 5-6 months have been used almost purely experimentally. Each tournament has seen a different Honeybadger. We hope that this time we’ve combined the right bits of each iteration Honeybadger has been through so that it’s at its best for Worlds.

Are you on the 8:30 Alaska Airlines flight? EXO is.

I believe we’re on the 7:00 Alaska Airlines flight into LGB :frowning: