1200B Mainframe Meltdown Worlds Reveal

From SMC Robotics in Neenah Wisconsin, we present to you: Mainframe Meltdown!

-4 393 speed motor drive
-4 393 torque lift geared 1:7
-1 393 speed motor for top roller intake
-1 269 motor hanging hook
-2 piston single acting launcher
-2 piston hanging locks





Throughout the season we went to 6 tournaments, including the Wisconsin state tournament. Out of the tournaments we were semi-finalists 3 times, finalists 2 times, champions once, and won a design award.

We look forward to seeing everyone at worlds!

The surgical tubing used to hold in the bucky balls on the intake tray is pretty cool, I’m liking that.

Great job Josh, good luck at Worlds!!

Do you have any problems stalling with only 4 motors on the drive?


during the first part of the season we did, but after reducing the weight of the robot and taking other precautions we haven’t really seen any problems since.

Looks great as always from the 1200 teams! Good luck at Worlds guys I will be sure to stop by:)