1200C Technical Breakdown Robot Reveal

This is Technical Breakdowns Robot Reveal.

Our Robot consists of three major components: The Chassis, Lift, and Intake. All were built dependently for accuracy.

Our Chassis consists of 4 393 Motors (geared internally for Torque) chained at a 1:1 ratio.
We use mechanum wheels for our drive train which allow us to maneuver easily around goals.

We have a 2 1/2 stage lift. The lift is run by 6-269 motors at a 3:1 ratio.
Our half stage is due to an extra 4 inches we need which proved unnecessary to add a full two more slides to give us 16 more inches.

Our intake is 8 inches wide and 6.5 inches long. The front of the intake is open to allow us to drive directly into a stack of two objects without having to lift over them.
We have a pneumatic clamp which uses two pneumatics to pull the objects back inside the intake to prevent them falling out the open front.
Our intake allows us to hold approximately 4 to 5 objects.

Feel free to ask any questions or specs that we may have missed on our bot.

(Here is the link to our facebook page)





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Nice Robot. :smiley:
Nice intake mechanism with pneumatic!
Ur robot is a Boss

We have added a close up video of our intake on our facebook page which is the link on the first post. Watching it on full screen is the best view.

Our intake has four modified standoffs to line up objects very quickly for our intake.

For those on Chatango that is Chuck Norris

Great bot guys.

Do you have any videos of this robot practicing?

Good luck at Worlds!

We just posted a video on our page of practice from a few months ago but it shows you the main concepts

you guys are fantastatic

i leave on that

Thank you very much, are you excited for the new game?

Hey Fondy,
Thank you for your help this year, we were great partners at Xavier and the World Warm-up. I hope we get to see you next year and we will be sure to get you into the SMC competition. We are retiring 1200C Technical Breakdown but you will see us around on another team like we told you at the warm-up. Thanks for all your help this year because we think that without you there is a pretty good chance that we wouldn’t have made it to worlds this year, let alone receive the Divisional Excellence Award. Good luck in VEX Sack Attack and feel free to contact us. bgambsky, X-Factor, and 13Arobot13 are the three members on the forum on this team moving on.:D:D:D

Thanks again

we did really good at the warm-up. i watched you guys on webcast and i must compliment your programmer, your autonomous was absolutely amazing at warm-up and worlds! i also noticed you were awarded the excellence award at worlds and that is quite an amazing accomplishment and you really deserve it. i have some big plans for next season and i’ll be look out for you guys.

eh, it looks decent but i have a feeling the rules are going to be pushed about defense, but i guess we’ll see what happens.

good job nice robot


Aperture science


Richard P

Hey guys, it was great alliancing with you for one of the qualification rounds for world! (We’re 4603B TechnoBots) Too bad the game ended in a tie, but ur robot was solid.

Thank you, great job when you faced us. Good luck to you for Sack Attack

Yeah it was so close, but you guys were great alliance partners

Can you breakdown how the 2 1/2 stage lift goes together/works? For whatever reason, my brain has never been able to wrap around this lifting method…

So the motors are driven by three 18 tooth sprockets.

The chain runs over the top sprocket to the bottom of the “first stage” which has a 6 tooth sprocket.

It then runs back up to the top of the “First stage” again and around the sprocket at the top of the “First stage”.

Then it is repeated from the first stage to the second stage. The chain runs from the top of the “First stage” with a 6 tooth sprocket to the bottom of the “Second stage”.

The chain runs back up again from the bottom of the “second stage” to the top of the “Second stage”.

Finally, it runs over the top sprocket of the second stage and attaches to the intake which runs on another slide to give a couple extra inches, then down to the base of the chassis and back to the motors.

It creates a lock that allows each stage to pull up separately. I will try to get a picture of it tonight.

Hope I kind of helped with description. :smiley:

Here is a great animation that helped us understand the lift at the beginning of the year

If anyone can, could someone post a schematic for a three stage lift. It seems doubly as difficult as a two stage.

@bgambsky/X-factor: which tournament(s) did you guys win excellence awards at and which online challenges did you submit? the rules say both are required for excellence award at worlds and i do not remember you having an online challenge submission…

Thanks for the info guys!

A picture would be great! The explanation helps, but would really be clear with a picture.


By winning the Design award you qualify for winning an excellence award