1200E New Divide Website Launch

Hello dear Vex readers,
Our team account is currently awaiting activation, and I will be switching to that account as soon as possible.

I wanted to let the whole community know of our new website that has just launched. This site is still under construction, but is open now.

This site contains information about our team, our designs, and basically everything having to do with our 2011 VEX season. We will be uploading DOZENS of videos to our YouTube account (channel: 1200ENewDivide), and it should be updated every week. These videos will range from our daily video journals explaining our designs, to match vids, to anything else I scrounge up.

Our site also has a blog that will be updated daily in order for you to gain a deeper understanding of our team. Photo galleries, videos, tournament history, member bios and much more can be found on our site.

This site along with our YouTube Channel are meant to be a resource to connect us with other teams. With that being said, PLEASE comment on our videos, blogs, VEX Forum posts, whatever. We are looking for this site to be used and expanded!

Please let me know what you think of it, I’m always open to suggestions! And please, if you find us interesting, or find our ideas interesting, help us to expand this site and have an impact on the Vex Community.

My main goal for this site is that it can gain some tight followers through which ideas, stories, and information can be shared.

Videos will be uploaded in the next week or so, I’m working on a few problems I ran into.

Thats all for now,
May your axels always remain straight,
The members of 1200E New Divide

Great job on getting into such a thorough documentation process.

I propose that this is how we say goodbye at vex competitions from now on. Sort of like “may the force be with you”

Exactly! someone gets it! lol…
And thank you, we’re really trying to document stuff this year. Please follow us if you are interested…do you have a youtube channel, because I’ll be sure to check out your videos if you do.

May you motors never overheat,
The Members of 1200E New Divide

May your vexnet never drop!

May your linear slides never stick.

awesome we resorted to this already…haha…magicode, do you guys ever put out videos of your bot?

May your nuts always stay tight

That is why you use Nylock’s!

“May your arm always lift”

“May your cortex never die”

Unfortunately, our team never had a documentation process as good as yours. We did put up a video for the online design competition last year though Here it is if you want to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5tPkMS1_h8

“May your drive train never stall”

Yah, it can be tough to do, but you just need someone with the initiative to take it over. Its actaully really cool now that we are doing it. I’ll take a look at the vid when I get a chance.

BOT-E: are you the one that comment on the site? Vids shoule be up next monday, I actually need to get permission from my principle before I can upload them.

May your axles always remain straight,
The members of 1200E New Divide

May the mass times acceleration be with you

Why would you need permission from the principal.

I say you just do it.

may your motors never overheat

may your chain links never break

May your downloads never fail. :smiley:

may your gears never slip and may you not burn out 29’s

You don’t need to ask the principal… if your embedding them from Youtube, they’ll be blocked anyway on our laptops.

May your batteries always have voltage.

May you never have to revert back to a PIC halfway through a competition.

May your clutches never burn out.