1200E New Divide World's Bot

Can you score on the opposite 20", if you do, do you just get lucky that a ball misses the first goal, then rolls into the other 20"?


Ok, I understand now. In this situation, we would probably just use the front tread to hook onto the barrel and tip it upright so it would be easier to intake.

We can score on 20" and 30" goals if there is an object in the way, but we must clear the area around the 11.5" goals to be able to score on them because we drive completely over those goals to score.

I hope that cleared things up! Please keep the questions coming.

Thank you for the questions. Unfortunately, our scoring over the 20" goal is not as consistent as we would like it to be. However, we do have ways of getting around this which include blocking our own goal from being owned.

Unfortunately, our driver couldn’t make it last night, so no video update yet.
But, I did get a chance to take some more photos that you may enjoy.

Top of lift

Top flap

Descore in progress

Pneumatic descorer

Awesome wiring.

Hey, guys.
I know its been a busy week, so I wanted to get this back up on the thread list in case anyone else has any more questions.

We are all packed up, (I am sitting here staring at my bot’s box thinking about Worlds). We’re looking forward to our trip and to some great competition.

Everything is working fantastically with our bot, now I just hope it survives the flight ;).

Please post any comments about our bot.

Thank you!