1200F Robot Reveal 2017

Team 1200F Z-Ballers is excited to present our robot for 2016-2017 Vex Starstruck Season.

4 Motor 7:1 Torque Lift
6 Motor Turbo Drive

See you all at Worlds!

Finally got the wheels painted! Erik is a gooner, sorry for not showing up to RECF nature extravaganza scrimmage. We can scrimmage Wednesday vs Texas again. Very nice bot as always guys, maybe these hypothetical divisions are wrong and we will be in the same one for our last competition, but otherwise I will see you in the vex dome boys :slight_smile:

Man, I don’t leave until Wednesday, I want to in the Wisconsin vs Texas scrim too. Sad face.

Nice robot and a interesting, unique video! Enjoyed watching you guys at the Open, hope to see you more at Worlds.

8283 gets rekt

Looks great!! Best of luck to all of the Wisconsin teams competing at Worlds this year, team 202 will be rooting for all of you!

Great job, guys. See you Wednesday.

Best looking robot I’ve seen all year, good luck at worlds!

Thanks! Lets hope so! Maybe a third times the charm…?

Thanks! Good luck to your team!

Thanks 202, congrats on your National Championship and incredible season!

Thanks! Maybe we’ll see you guys on the way down? :smiley:

Thank you! Some incredibly beautiful robots coming out of Wisconsin this year!

In my opinion, I think the PRRA has the best looking bots. Now, to the reveal. I think that it is a good bot. I can see that you have taken time to optimize the robot. My only concern would be the 1:7 torque gear ratio is too slow for high-level match play. No matter how many rubber bands you have a team with a lower gear ratio with the same amount of rubber bands will have a faster lift. A 4 motor torque 1:5 would be a good switch.

I don’t know, the blue and yellow looks pretty snazzy… :slight_smile: As far as the gear ratio, we’ll let our robot speak for itself in the coming week. :stuck_out_tongue: Scrimmage…?

Best looking robot I’ve seen! Can’t wait to see you at worlds! I think that the 1:7 is a work of art, but that’s my opinion.

Valid opinion, but 202 did have a 7:1 torque and won almost every tournament in Wisconsin this year, and the U.S. Open.

You have a point, but you can’t really use those points as a good gauge because:
1.) Wisconsin, while competitive, is not as competitive as States like Texas and California
2.) The US Open, while big, does not account for all the teams going to Worlds. There are other very strong teams that did not attend the open, such as 8k, 1104, e.t.c

I don’t want to start a fight. You’re robot is definitely good. I’m just saying that against some teams the lift ratio simply makes our robot worse than other robots

Great looking robot guys and good luck at Worlds. I know you will do great.

As for the 7:1 torque, I think they must have found it to be effective in picking up large number of objects and maybe winning scoring battles at the fence.

What makes you think that Wisconsin is not as competitive. The state is smaller population wise and size, but the teams that Wisconsin send have competed very well at worlds over the last 4 years. Wisconsin teams have won 57.258% of qualifying matches compared to 54.55% for Texas and 53.488% for California. I will say though that the best teams from those states do very well in playoffs. I also calculated (your state) Maryland’s win rate with ties excluded and it was 47.601%.

But anyway go Z-Ballers!

I calculate competitiveness differently from stats and I didn’t say anything about Maryland. I know we are not as competitive :frowning:

I did not mean to make you upset. I understand that the top teams from those states look really good. I have been out of vex for awhile and was mostly just looking at stats because I’m from Wisconsin and I see the Texas and California competitive posts kind of often. I just put Maryland in there to give you a point of reference, but I probably should have left it out. I probably should just have kept the focus on the robot that will compete well this week. I really think this robot has a shot at being as good as the 1200F robot from 2014.

capacity>speed imo. Probably one of my favorite reveals of the year. I really like the scenery and drone shots .

What’s this scrimmage I’m hearing all about??