123 match score with one night wonder

The week before the tournament we were playing around with many different internal designs. We quickly realized it would be easier to build an external the night before the tournament. We were pleased with the results and had one awesome tournament! Thanks to 554z for the great alliance.

Nice job!

Pretty impressive considering your situation!

I actually did almost the same for FTC last year, except I had 4 days. Quite the accomplishment!

Nice job. I only counted 116 points but still a nice job. 21 cones=42 points; 1 20pt mogo, 2 10 pt mogos, and 1 5 point mogo for 45 points; 2 parking bonuses for 4 points; and 3 high stack bonuses for 15 points (all but the 20 point since blue also had one on their 20 point mogo) and 10 point auton bonus.

total = 116
cones 4 on stationary, 4 on 5pt mogo, 1 on 20 pt mogo, 7 on high stack 10 point mogo, and 5 on other 10 point mogo

total 21 cones.

What did I miss? Either way, very impressive.

Oh my bad I uploaded the wrong match, you are correct this is 116.

No worries. That was still amazing.

Good Job, Ill admit that was an impressive feat. Our team can’t build a full robot if we were given a full day (slacking off).