1231C Reveal

V5 giveaway at 100 subs

Welp, time to use my 100 Google accounts to win the giveaway…

One word of caution: Horizontal expansion rules state that your robot cannot expand longer than 36" in any horizontal direction. This includes any diagonals, which was a pain when our team made a cap knocker. Rough hole counting leads me to believe that your robot is essentially 17.5" by 17.5", with a knocker that protrudes at least 15" out. This would cause you to be in violation of this rule when you flipped your flipper from a docked position to hitting the floor. However, I believe that this is a simple fix by having support on the back and intentionally shortening the length of the bar up front, and it is possible that I miscounted the holes.

Either way, I hope you keep us updated on how you do this season!

Thanks but we measured our robot and we are just in 36 inches good luck to you guys too

Does your cap flipper have to angle upwards at the end of the flip? Is it below 18" at that point? Just a thing to look into and check.

Also: does spinning your intake backwards to flip caps not work? It would save a motor. Then, you could use your current flipper (extended) as a descorer and ram.

I also like the intake. Kind of similar to mine.

Our intake is very inconsistent for flipping caps and we have a motor we aren’t using anyways so we use that to hit caps off off the poles as well

Did I miss this in the reveal? Does it reach the highest post?

We didn’t put it in the reveal but it gets the lower ones. We haven’t seen any teams in the middle school division stack caps consistently on any pole so we have it just Incase

Huh. I’m sure there will be as you move to State/equivalent and onwards.

Best of luck to you guys this season! I really like the intake! Closest to mine I’ve seen so far.


Slip gear catapult? 100RPM V5 motor 3:7?

Wowie whoever chose those songs is genius.