127A and 5090A - 361 point alliance score (NbN)

It’s a little late perhaps, but I promised video of our robot way back when we did a reveal. Here is something - the 16th highest alliance score in the world, and without elevation!

It was SF 1-1 at the AIA Barrett State Competition on 5-14 (after Worlds). We had great synergy with 5090A, who could shoot the balls we hoarded full court. The audio is loud and doesn’t add much, so you won’t miss anything for muting it.

It wasn’t perfect, especially since we had balls left to shoot, but here is a little something to tide you all over in the absence of robot reveals and match footage.

The link

Eyyyy I was reffing this match :slight_smile:

We were all blown away by that score. Nice job again

Let me tell you counting that match wasnt fun either.

That was an awesome match to watch. You guys worked perfectly together. Still can’t believe how they seemed to all go in and stay there…

Nice job! Imagine if it ended with a high elevate…

Believe me, I have. :stuck_out_tongue: