127A is a fine-tuned masterpiece.

Truly majestic.

Videos were made as a joke. I’m not driving. Sorry, Chantelle!

Dank claw

Very funny videos, but serious question - what is the purpose of the slanted c-channel connecting the lift and drive chassis? How did you even connect it like that?

First, not my robot. Second, it’s meant to brace the drive and the shoulder together. I wouldn’t have bothered with that personally, but whatever. I believe they just use a couple of screws on each end of the C-channels. If you tighten one with nylock, that’s all that is required. On top of the bottom 5-wide C-channel, they have a short 2-wide C-channel just for mounting.

cough better than David cough

What’s better than David? David is driving here.

The driving there is better than David normally is :wink:

Haha. To be fair to David, I tried driving his robot and it is very hard for some reason. I don’t know why. My robot does the same things faster and I picked it up quickly. But I tried driving his and I drove like Chantelle. :wink:

Whatever happened to 127

Also, filmed vertically on a phone- you disappoint me?

To me this looks like a top tier robot design

Only half of them. I realized this afterward, but I was in a hurry to make sure to capture the magic unfolding before my eyes.