127A's Journey to Worlds- Teaser/Reveal

127A’s Journey to Worlds
A teaser/reveal thread


After packing up, separating from its sister (127B), and leaving school, 127A spent the night at our house.

Is this Jacob or Braydon?


Next picture should answer that

Morning of Day 1


127A loaded up and ready to go along with some other robot stuff

Fairly Sure this is Jacob considering I dropped my stuff of at his house and his mom and dad are driving it…:slight_smile:

Night of Day 1


127A spends the night under the stars in Texas

Evening Day 2


127A spends the night alongside the interstate near Springfield, Missouri

What better time is there to practice driving lol.:slight_smile:

Dont you love how much duct tape we put on our box btw!

Morning Day 3


127A anxious to arrive in Louisville

We were impressed by how neatly packed up your stuff was.

You haven’t looked inside you might not have said that if you did! Lol

Evening Day 3


127A arrives at the Kentucky Exposition Center


4 motor drive (small omni wheels)
4 motor reverse double n-bar lift (7:1)
1 motor conveyor belt (torque gearing)
1 motor skyrise claw turntable (turbo gearing)
1 piston skyrise claw
1 piston 2-speed transmission






Hey Jacob,

Just to let you know we will be picking up our box tomorrow so if you could hold the box at your pits till then that would be great. We aren’t getting in till 7 tonight at the airport.