127C 2016-2017 Robot Reveal

Here it is! Our reveal for this season:

Edited by @Highwayman

That was pretty cool flipping the cube over from the front, good luck at worlds!

Thanks, to your team as well!

I’m really excited to see you kick some butt next week!

this music tho…

Good or bad? :slight_smile: I personally really like it, especially for a robot reveal.

The lyrics were kinda cringe.

No offense taken. Thanks for the criticism!

Okay okay, point taken. My comment was pretty rash. I just thought the lyrics were funny. Nothing wrong with the video. The robot is pretty top-notch. Good luck at worlds.

There was no point. I am being 100% literal, I didn’t take any offense. Seriously. Good luck to you, too!

I really really want to see this robot in competition. Will definetly be watching your matches. Also that ending lol.

Can’t wait to compete myself. We should win most matches unless we get a useless partner against two good teams, but anything can happen and it’s all about eliminations.

And yes, SEND JUDES!

If you are willing to say, what autonomi do you have programmed?

I’m willing to spill that we have an auton that scores a cube and three stars. That’s pretty standard. I’m thinking through other ones for dealing with, uh, SPECIAL robots which will stay secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great robot guys, pleasure to have you premiere on The VEX Cast.

Blocked in U.S. :frowning:

Here’s what we’re all here for - the Team 127 Box Reveal!!!


So I get to be in @Highwayman 's video but not yours? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a lot of things that didn’t make it in. I didn’t have any robot deploying footage, autonomous, etc. Overall I weighed robot reveal versus robot, and robot won. We’ve actually made some pretty good improvements since the reveal footage. Jacob did a great job editing what I gave him, though.