127C - Constellation

Hey guys, just felt like revealing our bot tonight because I think it’s in a good spot. A few small things on the claw (it’s brand new) but it’s working pretty well for us. Specs:

4 motor high speed 4-inch traction wheel drop center drive

6 motor high speed 1:5 external lift (with lots of elastics)

2 piston claw hybrid (active in, passive out)

Most recent video of our bot:

You can probably see it has a lot of similarities to team 62 and others with similar designs. That wasn’t our goal (see my other videos for progression), but we just decided on each aspect we wanted as we went along, and rebuilt so, so many times… Feel free to ask any questions or ask for pictures, but I need to get ready for bed - early rise for a tournament tomorrow.

Nice job! We just started building a similar claw and were delighted at the uniqueness of our low weight claw… Bit too late.

Cool flip out sequence!

We thought it would be lighter… Pneumatics are heavier than you might think (not even counting the tanks).

How do you keep the fork part of your claw off of the ground?

Nice robot. I would recommend adding more rubber bands to the claw as they are bending a bit much (At least from my perspective).

Yes, we’re going to make changes to our claw and that will probably be one. Thanks for the input!

Our lift is mechanically limited in how low it can go, but usually the inordinate amount of rubber bands on the lift make it settle a little higher - still a satisfactory height. Feel free to ask a follow-up question if I was a bit vague or misinterpreted your question.

Can you guys hang? Or do you guys think the hanging portion of this game is useless? My team has been deciding whether to get a hang but not be as powerful of a scoring bot or be an amazing scorer but not be able to hang. I thought it would be nice to get input from others.

You should be able to get a hanging robot just as effective as a robot that can’t hang. Having the ability to is critical in skills; however, if you’re not really worried about skills, then I suppose it doesen’t really make much of a difference.

Nope, no hang. Definitely not going to help me get the Tournament Champion trophy, so it’s not worth any compromises.

We have an insane number of rubber bands that keep our lift fast with high numbers of objects. These rubber bands would work against a hang.

Depends on how you hang. There’s more than one way.

It would work against us hanging in the most sane way for a 2-bar.

Have you considered hanging by lifting up backwards? So the arm swings back around the robot in a way that the rubber bands help the robot up?

Yes, that’s exactly what I thought of. Not worth the effort, though.

That flip out was awesome lol, nice job

Having the robot lift backwards doesn’t really have the rubber bands assist in the hang. We have a similar set up for our rubber bands and they only assist the lift until it reaches 90 degrees (more or less). Once it goes past that mark, it goes against the lift. We tried hanging by lifting backwards and shattered two high strength gears. But our lift works really well scoring cubes and stars so we’re not really worried about the hang now. We can score up to two cubes at a time now. :smiley:

It does look really awesome, lol. But it would be better if it just flipped out without having to lift up…

Great team and robot you guys are leading RASA VRC teams with 5 awards and second highest OPR.

Thanks, but OPR doesn’t mean much this season with how SPs are scored (doing nothing). We had a qualification match where we didn’t move with 1:40 left to go. Very high-octane action.