127C Pre-Worlds Reveal


Here’s our robot.

Very nice. Could we see a video of it in action?

Other pictures?

Come find our pit at Worlds.

I have to wait another 24hr… :confused: That’s no fun.

Is that two drive chassis connected together with a scissor type thing?
It looks like a robot designed to trap other robots.

Why do you have 2 chassies?

It’s the sliiiiiiiiiinky bot

It looks to me like a double blocker robot. The top half drives off the bottom half, and each half tries to block one of the opposing robots. A very similar robot was built by jacko a few months ago.

You will cause some mischief in your division with this robots. :slight_smile: We played against a similar one in NZ mid-season, Some suggestions for you to consider:

  1. You basically have 2 push bots linked together. To help you hold lateral position, traction wheels could help (looks like all omnis fitted currently?).
  2. Each chassis looks relatively light weight? If you find you are easily pushed, you could add lots of weight to each chassis to get more traction.
  3. The bot we played was continually DQed for wrapping the joining tether around the trough stanchions. I believe this was considered latching to a field element?

Will be fun to watch this compete.
Good luck, Paul