127X Early Season Robot

Hey all,

Don’t know if we’ll be sticking with this design, but here is some automated cone stacking for you (I press the button to confirm the cone has been grabbed, the robot does the rest. Yes, my hair is longer than usual for those keeping track at home).

It may be a 20-pound robot, but the drive accelerates pretty well!

That is exactly what we are doing! It just makes life so much easier.

Updates hair-length spreadsheet . . . looks like we’re approaching record territory

This is great! How does the robot know how much higher to go for each cone?

That was last December. Real crazy stuff going on at the Microchip tournament!

The girl in the tie-dye shirt is incrementing the count (that’s all she is doing, it’s usually one of two other people but she stood in).

I noticed that you spend a non-trivial amount of time lining up. What do you think is causing that? Is the claw too small? Is there too much space in-between your RD4B? Seems like it’d be something you wanna eliminate

So there is a preset set of movements for each height?


You are absolutely correct. It is because I recently added a confirmation (press button to close, press again to lift up) and I was getting used to that. Additionally, it is hard to see where the cone is through the robot, and I would need more practice to get used to that. The claw shape could also use fine-tuning, but we will probably rebuild anyway, so oh well. In summary, fine tuning and practice needed! It makes a huge difference. I just wanted to get a video of this concept out before we tear down (I kind of decided on that tonight).

127X is going full circle http://lemonbots.com/news/page/14/

It was destiny.

Why don’t you date a scissor lift? Because they make crazy X’s!

I was thinking about this, and I had the same idea where there would be my teammate driving and then me running the increment thing(cause that’s all I can do. Even that would be a challenge for me :wink: ). After thinking about it though, I thought that if the cone gets knocked down like what happened in your case, or if you forget to press the button and then don’t know which one you’re on, the robot will screw up. Has this problem occured to you yet, or are you guys just perfect and you’ve never messed up. Or do you guys have a solution for this problem. The only solution I can think of is resetting the increment and then pressing the button that many times again, but that would be a major waste of time.

We haven’t used this bot that extensively, but we have presets (0, 5 and 10) so if you lose track you can get back to those and go from there. We also considered a speaker that plays a different pitch based on count, but that would be a later issue.

I haven’t gone rule digging through the entire rulebook yet, so I could be wrong. But I believe that speakers are only allowed to be used for nonfunctional purposes. Is that true?

VEX sells speakers… So no. People have used them to gauge flywheel speed by their pitch in the past.

Oh yeah, The Cyberbrains did that. I remember now. That would be a great idea. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even be able to record yourself saying “1”, “2”, etc. so that you don’t have to guess by the pitch. When you press the button, it will play the sound of the number of the increment.

I don’t think VEX Speakers are that good.

Dang it. Maybe V5 will be… :slight_smile:

Yes they are.