127X RD4B for our lift

127X during2017-2018 in the zone, they used standoffs to connect the RD4B. Is it a good idea to apply the same concept to our lift this year’s lift? Also, would it be too heavy for the standoff to have the weight of the tray and the weight of the sucker?

Can u give a time stamp of when u can see the standoffs? I can’t see them.

If ur talking abt cross bracing. That is for structure. You can use anything really but I think 1x1 L channels are lighter than standoffs and provide just as much if not more support

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear. I mean like they put standoffs to connect from the upper part of the RD4B and down part of the RD4B. Would it be a good idea to apply the same concept for our lift this year.

I wouldn’t recommend it for this game. The mechanisms you’ll need are going to be significantly heavier than ITZ, that’s not even taking into consideration that cubes are far heavier than the one cone as well. That’s my personal opinion, but if you think you can do it, go for it.

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