12A & 12B Reveal

The guys on 12A and 12B asked me to post this today, the 12th, at 12 noon.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit late (sorry guys).


If you would like more details, they suggested stopping by our pits at Worlds.

We are all looking forward to seeing many great teams and robots next week.

Wow. Very nicely done video! The robots look amazing as well! I will definitely have to stop by 12’s pits to say hi and see these robots. I was at the BU tournament back in january and I remember how good they were then! I didnt think it was possible for them to get any better but they have! :slight_smile: See you at worlds!

Wow, nice robots!
Looks a lot like 7033. Did you take inspiration from his design?
It looks like something that could win nationals, maybe even crush 323Z.
Good job!

I am so confused by your statement because they won nationals and 7033 borrowed his robot idea from 12.

So I’m Sitting here in LA and BOOM. 12. Haha amazing work guys! I’ll see you all in Anahiem


looking very nice ! … i like how the two robots are very similar in design, this is what we are going to do for the next season, because we built two very different robots then made them similar towards the end!

good luck ! … and also that video has a very good feel to it :smiley:


On Topic: Love the robots guys! You have been strong every time we have played you (to bad we can’t keep our alliance on 4 wheels :p).

Yea, I hate it when we lose for no reason. Especially when the alliance can’t function right because of an unplugged battery :frowning:

Great robot guys! I’m always amazed every time I see this thing in action. Also, thanks for picking us at the NOVA VEX tournament, it was awesome playing alongside your robot in elims.

the most legit “single dumper” type robots ive seen
as well as an extremely solid and efficient descore!
cudnt expect less from you guys!
keep up the good work! (y)

Here’s a non-YouTube link for some of our foreign viewers: http://vimeo.com/63946550

I wouldn’t be suprised if acme takes home at least 3 awards thisy year from worlds! Overall, it’s simply amazing and I need to make sure to go and check it
Out in person.

Such an amazing robot. So well built and veryyyy reliable! Awesome video too. I saw this robot play at nationals and it was great then, now with the high goal scorer now, it should do even better. This robot is the best descore-rescore I have seen all season, I just wish I was going to worlds to see it in person one last time!

You guys should perform great at worlds and possibly take hometo title if all goes as planned, goodluck.

Thank you 12A for attempting to free us yesterday when we got ourselves wedged under a trough, even though we were on opposing teams. This was exemplary behaviour and this will not be forgotten.

Thanks, Paul :slight_smile: