12E Worlds Reveal - Math Division

Here’s our world reveal! Feel free to ask any questions.


Looks great. And epic song choice.

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Nice passive descore!

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Do you have a vision sensor for intake? Is that what sensor automated means?

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Very good! :robot::robot:

Congratulations on the work done by the team.
Let’s stay in the crowd for good learning results this season!

Good luck to all!
Greetings from Brazil!

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Yep, we use a vision sensor and a light sensor

Curious, how does it help?

Light sensors were very inconsistent at different tournaments with lighting changes, the vision sensor allows us to be more focused on the color than just the light.

Sorry that’s not what I mean. What edge does using the sensor give you over basic manual control?

Oh, basically we don’t have to worry about a second ball going too high in the intake and blocking the shot of the other ball. It also keeps us from picking up 3 balls.

Okay. Nice. Good luck.

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I think you guys were around before me, so I can’t really accuse you of stealing my name. Good luck st Worlds!


The name’s been around since NBN but thanks!

Robot looks great! See you Worlds.

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One more thing. I find it very coincidental that your passive cap descorer looks very similar to my multifunctional ram. (Any chance you took inspiration? It’d mean a lot if someone was able to use my ideas at a high level.)


IMG_2700 IMG_2701

Although you made yours passive, which I think was smartly done. (At the expense of a “pancake” floor cap flipper)

Have you considered tensioning your descorer to also be able to act as a ram? Does the constant protrusion get in the way while driving at all?

It wasn’t based on your ram bar at all, I haven’t even seen it before. It’s a design we came up with in December, I’m not sure how close that is to when you built yours. And no, we don’t use it as a ram, because it is passive it would probably just fold up or down if we tried to use it for that.

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And in terms of getting in the way of things, it originally would hit the high cap pole in auton but we just made it deploy later so that didn’t happen.

I’m curious, how does your actuator work? If you don’t mind me asking.

Your robot looks really, really good. Good luck at worlds! We’re in the same division.

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Are you asking about the puncher?