12v LED on v5 Smart Port

My team really wants to use an LED strip this season, I know you can hook up a 5v strip to a 3 wire port, but we are maxed out on 3 wire ports. I am aware there is a 3 wire expander, but we don’t have one. So I was wondering if there is anyone to power a basic 2 wire LED strip via a smart port. I also want to do this because a 12v strip is brighter.


Please don’t try to get 12v off the Brain for an LED strip. You are plugging in $5 worth of “bling” into a $275 brain.


You can just get a usb LED strip and run it from an external battery pack. It’s not programmable, but it is easy.

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We used these and were very satisfied. Just hook them up to a rechargeable USB battery pack and control the lights using the remote


Wireless communication isn’t legal on competition

Radio communication isn’t, the remote for this is IR, and if you are not messing with the led on the field you are not in danger.

Regardless we don’t need them to be able to be controlled. So am external battery pack is legal?

What does the rules say ?