12x12 fields in pits at Worlds

So, this year it was very clear that fields could be a maximum 8 foot. No 12x12. No 12x8. Interesting how many teams don’t follow the rules and interesting that the rules aren’t enforced.

Kinda makes it so that the teams that did follow the rules are disadvantaged.

Why have rules that aren’t enforced?


I would consider this to be a rule that can be pretty easily policed. If you see someone violating this rule, and you feel somehow disadvantaged, feel free to report it to event officials.

There are many rules that cannot be enforced that people are willing to defend to the death. This one seems pretty reasonable and enforceable.

Have you considered that there are higher priorities, both for the people hosting worlds, as well as for the “disadvantaged” teams?


As far as I know, the rule was put in place to make sure that teams kept their stuff in their pit and didn’t extend out into the walkway (which probably had something to do with fire safety). As far as I have seen, this has worked and no team is extended into the walkway.


Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with the way it was before. However, if you make a rule, others should abide by it I’d think.

They said it was because of the Fire Marshall - which I’d think would be fairly important. Not sure if that is actually the case or not.

Point is - either have the rule or not. Puts us in the weird spot for next year … do we follow the rules or not?


Every team I’ve seen with a 12x12 field has it across multiple pits and it doesn’t extend into the walkway. If you’re really worried about the advantage those teams have considering sharing your field with the team behind or next to you to get a full field.

Or, just ask.


I would agree. That is the way the rule should be written. However, that isn’t the way that it is written.

I would be absutely fine with 12x12 fields at worlds. Now, the practice fields are almost double its size from last year since theres less 12x12 fields teams built in the pits. Who cares about occasional clutter in the pits, its inevitable. I dont like the rule VEX put about everyone being required to have 8x8 fields, it just makes things worse.

You ALWAYS have that choice. With everything. Every word, action, and decision has consequences, good and bad.

Should I Break The Rules?

(Probability Of Getting Caught * Punishment) + (Probability Of Not Getting Caught * Reward) = Value

If Value > Threshold Then Do The Thing
If Value < Threshold Then Do Not Do The Thing


It does seem strange to have such a specifically worded rule and not enforce it.


I personally saw RECF people telling a team that they needed to reduce the size of their field because it was sticking out of their pits. Maybe they aren’t enforcing it instantly, but it looks like they are enforcing it.


The rule isn’t that it is sticking out of the pits. It is that teams “will only be permitted to set up a partial field no larger than 8x8 in size”.

I know what the rule is. Anything bigger than 8x8 will stick out of the 10x10 pit. Walls come in 4-foot sections.