1320C Reveal

Sorry, it is kinda late :slight_smile:

Cool looking robot!
Why didn’t yall use your lift during state? Also can we see some state videos from your team, I remember your robot but not too well.

What is the gear ratio for your flywheel and what is the amount of motors

How much weight can your lift support?

Nice, could we see a match video?

@drrosales99 5 Turbo motors Gear ratio 28:1
@rothomega our plan was to alliance with high lift Bot and we did but the balls at state were different than the once we had in school.
@katelynm822 0-25

Great robot and a very strong team overall. Had a chance to look into all of their robots in detail as a judge at a tournament, and Tucker is one of the best in GA.

This was horribly beautiful

Agreed. :smiley:

Cringing so hard over here…

I still think we deserved some style points. A half front flip is a 1.4 on the FINA table of degrees of difficulty for diving. It has to worth something in vex too, right?

Five points from gryffindor

see you at World’s!!!
our new bot reveals coming soon near worlds Championship.