13536G designed robot (1)

So, When April.25 we receive the new season “change up” we start designing robots. All members in Family Chen robot team were very very positive. And in 13536G, we designed 3 robots with the help of our coach Chen. Today I will show one of them.
This robot was designed by Bai Yenan.
So, this is not a claw robot, it’s a Robot with suction cup. And there are 2 sucker on 2 side of the claw. ( it was too difficult to make a sucker, so I didn’t make that sorry.)
And there are 8 motors on the robot, 4 for wheels, 2 for arms, 2 for suckers on the claw.
And that’s all. This showcase may be relatively simple, because this is the first time I have told about my robot in the forum, I hope everyone understands, thank you.

Xu Yukun, Bai Yenan, Fei Haoyang from 13536G


So… What are you planning to make the “suckers” out of? I guess I’m a little confused on that part. Also, could you explain

a little bit more?

It looks like it should work…

I’d assume they’re something like TT and just squeeze

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If you want to use the actual parts from vex you can find there CAD files on vexrobotics.com and use a program called freecad to convert them to .obj to use in blender.


That looks like Blender

If you want some help with rendering the images (it looks like you took a screenshot), or getting real VEX parts (as .obj’s), or anything else, just PM me.


Yes, that’s blender.
I have found that, thanks

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ok, I will try that, thanks