136S : Starfighter - Reveal

Presenting our 2017 Starstruck worlds robot:

2 motor torque 5:1 claw

  • Seven star or 4 & cube capacity
    4 motor turbo 3.25" Omni wheel drive
    6 motor turbo 7:1 single bar lift
  • precision elastic throwing aid
  • capable of throwing a single star out of the field (though we wouldn’t actually do this)
  • capable of lifting 11 ish stars


  • Eight specific auton routines each with differential side control. Many of which have 3-4 options of changing the route mid run, thus providing 32+ unique autons. Net scoring ranging from 10-27 depending on which one is chosen.

Additional notes:

  • The robot will never tip backwards, and can self right from a front or side tip in the case of over aggressive defense
  • the lift is super fast
  • peep the video length

Pretty-looking robot, and effective too. Nice job!

Anodized or painted metal?

Love the music and decals!

Thanks! I think this shows my reasoning behind the “being slow” discussion in vexcast yesterday.

It was painted with a paint and primer in one spray paint.

There recently has been a discussion about fast low capacity bots versus slower, higher capacity bots. Our robot though having a very decent probably above average capacity, meets the category of fast/low capacity.

Here’s some stats we’ve used to validate our robot design and game stratrgy:

At our North Texas Championship, we had a very similar design and despite ranking 10th and being passed over by the top three seeded alliances, we were the highest scoring robot in the entire tournament.
For aurgument sake, let’s call a cube 2 scoring objects and a star 1.
During all of eliminations we averaged 41.5 objects per game. And 42.5 during finals with a peak performance of 54 in finals 2.

Meanwile, Other great robots in the region scored as follows:

9090C (in finals) - 41 object average; peak performance of 49 in finals 2
365X (in finals) - 38 object average
2019F - 26.7 object average
6834Z (in semis) - 37 object average
60X (SF1-1) - 40 objects

We outscored the next best robot by 1.5 objects per game in finals and outscored the next highest peak performance by 5.

Of course this was at regionals so many changes have been made, but it shows how the allure of high capacity robots can be misleading, and sometimes it’s us smaller guys that get the job done best.