139A VEX Turning Point Fall Reveal

Hey everyone. Here is the reveal for our fall robot, Caspre.

Robot Specs:
23.4 pounds
4m Drive
1m Intake
1m Indexer
2m 21:1 Flywheel
2m Lift (racheted to flywheel)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or through Discord.

Does your lift get high enough for the highest posts? Why put a descorer on without making a system to score caps? (Unless I missed it)

I like the boxy look. Really seems like you’re using the full 18", unlike my robot, which is kind of hollow and lopsided.

Our lift does get high enough for the high posts. We originally had a cap scoring mechanism on it, but it took up too much space and, because the forks had to stick out, we were more susceptible to defense. In addition, our region (Norcal) is more competitive in flags, so the we found that it wasn’t worth wasting time placing caps on posts when we could instead be shooting flags.

How well does your descorer work? Does it also flip the cap to the opposite colour while descorering (not sure if this a word lol)? If possible can you post a picture of it?

It’s not a word. How about “descoring”?
It seems to me that it wouldn’t always do it, but the little metal wedge indicates that it’s supposed to. I have one that pretty usually flips it to the other color while knocking it off the post. It’s a chain bar that pushes up against the back of the cap, flipping it off of the pole and into the field.

When the descorer lifts up into a cap, the cap gets angled and slides down an incline, once it gets to the bottom of the incline, the cap is tilted to 180 degrees and the metal plate acts as a guide for it to slide into the opposite color, allowing for consistent descoring.

How much does the bot weigh

23.4 pounds

Are you using 10 V5 motors?

The flywheel motors are on a ratchet so if they spin backwards, they run the lift. Its the same two motors that power the flywheel and the lift.

If your lift is run on the ratchet of the flywheel, wouldn’t it only be able to go one direction? I would think that if the flywheel motors spin the other way then it allows the lift to go up, but how do you make it go down? Gravity? Or is there more to it than seen?

The lift is run off of the flywheel, but we tensioned it so that it would still fall down when not being supported. When we accelerate the flywheel, there is no longer any power going to the lift, so it comes down. The potential energy from the lift also transfers to the flywheel when it goes down, aiding in acceleration.

That is insanely cool engineering. I hope you win a Design or Innovate award for that!

We actually did just recently win a Design award and qualify for states :slight_smile:

23.4 pounds


That double ratchet design looks really cool! It’s insane how you fit all of that in such a tiny space. Is there any way I could see a picture of it close up?