14 years old high school student

One of my students is 14 years old but is a high school student.
Can he participate in VEX IQ competition?

I participate in VEX VRC, but I took a look at the IQ game manual, and this is what I found:


I believe he can, as I heard that people under 15 can participate in middle school competitions. Although I heard this when it came to VRC, he most likely would be able to participate in such.

Student – Anyone born after May 1, 2008 (i.e. who will be 15 or younger at VEX Worlds 2024).

This is from the game manual, it doesn’t specify grade, only age. As long as they are 15 or younger at Worlds then they qualify. I have 7th graders that are eligible to compete in the elementary division because of their age. I’d like to see VEX rename the divisions since Middle and Elementary aren’t really good markers. Maybe they could call the 12-under division the Junior division and the 15-12 division the Senior division. I get why they don’t have grade level specific guidance, but the elementary/middle can be confusing.


They lump roboteers by age / birthday. So if the high school student meets the age for “middle school” they can play as a middle school roboteer.

It’s RECF that makes the game rules, not VEX


I received the answer from VEX.


Really I am 13 and am in vrc that is weird

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Here’s the brutal truth.
Nobody asks for age in VEX. As long as the student looks like they are in the designated grade level nobody will ask questions or care in the slightest.

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I think you can play as a middle school division.

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Not really, I was 12 when I started VEX VRC.

Hey, Wonup21 thanks for your post of Andy’s response. Please note Andy works for the Robotics Education Foundation (RECF) not VEX.

Remember VEX makes the parts, RECF makes the Rules.

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Actually, the GDC is responsible for making the rules. This included members of bot IFI and RECF. The RECF is responsible for doing things like making TM, running events, and hosting robot events.


The GDC is responsible for the game design (Its in their committee name). RECF is responsible for all of the rules around it. Like the student centered rules. All of the match play rules. etc.

Happy to split semantic hairs with you, I’m here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress!


GDC still develops and approves those. RECF does not unilaterally write game rules.


The rules about how matches are played, alliance selection, when matches are B01 vs B03, timeouts, etc is RECF. Scoring in a match, endgames, etc. are GDC.

Thanks for playing VRC Semantics, the On-Line edition! Stay tuned for next week where we play Judges vs Referees vs Event Partners!!

Thank you for these gentle and moderate responses. It has been quite insightful!
Though I am curious, how do you know all of this information? Are you part of the RECF or the GDC?
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But also, this conversation is far from the point of the original topic. I’d suggest we Keep it Tidy.


If you’ll read the intro (i know… who reads those?!) you’ll note that it is undersigned by the GDC. The GDC designs the game AND writes the rules. And that includes the operational rules in the tournament section.

Out of morbid curiosity, where have you gotten the notion that the GDC only writes the on-field rules and that RECF writes the other rules?

(oh, and if you want to play JAs vs EPs vs HRs, we can do that but you may not have fun)


Yeah they were just explaining their experience and thought i would share mine

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