1492X | 170A Worlds Reveal 2018

We and @Entropy170 present our robots for the 2018 VEX World Championships.
Thanks to @Paul Copioli for the kind words and @Rick TYler / @RobotMesh for all the parts we could ever want.

Be sure to watch in 4K and ignore how bad we are.

Feel free to ask any questions below or on the video! @gzook, @Entropy170, and I will try to answer them as best we can.

Great robots, but can you finish a plate of jambalaya?

you cant win without side rollers sorry

Nice job!

I don’t think 4k is an option on this video that you posted lol.

Either way, great robots and I love the orange and black theme both of you have going on.

Good luck at worlds!

it is an option

we can’t win with side rollers either

I believe it is, and our robot is RED not ORANGE, excuse you :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Proud of this

Awesome dual reveal guys! It was fun seeing your robots evolve over the course of the year.