1492X ITZ Early Season Full Reveal

5/29/17 In The Zone Full Reveal.
All clips of robot at 1x speed.

1492X Full Reveal

More detailed 360 pan

We are an open book. @gzook and myself are here to address all of your questions, comments, metaphysical contemplations, or bad NBA predictions (if you’re @DRow).

Firstly awesome robot you have, my team is still in the process of building and have not moved on to testing. The lift and base are rally fast, and it looks very effective in matches this early in the season. I would like to ask how does your robot move around the mobile goals and score them in the scoring zones? (If it is designed to do that).
Thank you very much in advance!

Did you cut a piece of polly carbonate to make the thing to lines up the cones with the intake?

Very nice, but I think I enjoyed the Ren & Stimpy most!

What is stopping you guys from adding a mobile goal intake? You can make it pneumatic or take 2 motors off your drive. Other than that, very well done. I love the song and your lift ;).

Thats a lot of spood

What an incredible robot!! How many motors do you have on the base and what configuration are they on (turbo, high speed…)?

The video says and shows 8 turbo speed motors on the drive. They have a pretty neat configuration to fit them all in there.

@jasper Will it blend?

This is a wonderful robot! What led you guys to use 8 motors on your drive base? I was thinking that we might have a chance this year, but this beast destroyed all of our hope. :wink:


Good NBA predictions (if you’re @DRow).

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Hi Jonathan, thanks for the kind words. This robot relied on its chassis to push the mobile goals into the 10 point zone, which worked consistently. It’s unable to push the goals into the 20 pt zone, however.

Yes we did. The little C-shaped holder is a polycarb cutout with elastics to grip the cones when righting them.

Would you, or any others like close up pictures of the claw? We are happy to oblige if so.

Nothing, except a change of strategy :slight_smile:

And the song is pretty bad, come on now.

Turbo does that to ya.

Thanks for the praise :slight_smile:

I know you’ve been answered but we are running 8 turbo motors geared 1:1 externally on the drive.

Thank you, but I’m afraid I’m a little lost on the reference :frowning:

Send me a blender and we’ll try it.

Thanks so much for the kind words. We used 8 motors for paramount speed and maneuverability but also because we didn’t need them for anything else, haha. We’ll be discussing the design process for this robot more in depth on the next VEX Cast episode as well :slight_smile:

And it’s still early season man, you’ll come up with something. If it makes you feel any better this “beast” is now in pieces.