1492X Wasabi 2017 Worlds Reveal

We, 1492X Wasabi Robotics humbly present our 2017 Starstruck robot.

Notes: We realized most of the reveal was run on a low (7.5 v) battery, so we decided to include a little footage from today showcasing some minor changes (down 1.5 lbs, etc.) resulting in better overall speed.

Please feel free to ask questions and don’t forget to stop by our booth at worlds!


It was a blast winning with you guys at state! See you theoretically in the math division! :slight_smile:

Likewise. Winning tends to be an excellent experience lol

Really solid robot

Glad we weren’t in Highschool Div :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck at worlds!

As Gabe mentioned, we could say just the same about you guys! Stop by at worlds :slight_smile:

Appreciate it. We too were impressed by your capacity and optimized design. What made you choose pneumatics for your claws over motors?

Haha, I’m sure you guys would have done better than you think…You guys had a solid robot. Any notable changes post state/pre worlds?

They are lighter (the part that lifts) , can release faster (for throwing loads that spread out), and they close faster so we can pick up objects without that 1/4 second waiting for the claw to close.

Hmm, yeah we guessed the lighter but didn’t think the release/pickup speeds to be significant. Have you had issues with air/pickup throughout the course of matches?