15 and 25-hole C-channels

Hi, I was looking for more 15 and 20-hole C-Channels to buy, but I cannot find them on the website (or any re-seller, I can only find 25 and 35-hole C-Channels.)
I’ve included a picture of them just in case if it’s necessary.
Did Vex stop selling them? If they didn’t, where can I get more of them?

AFAIK those lengths only come in kits like the clawbot and classroom kits. You’ll have to buy longer ones and cut them.

Robot Mesh has a few of both available for sale:

15-hole C-channel

20-hole C-channel

My team just cuts 35 swuare long pieces into 25s and 10s or 15s and 20s. Jyst try to cut right in the middle so the pieces are close to the right length. If you need a factory end just use the end of the 35 square long.

@Rick TYler Are these standard VEX parts, or do you get them from kits?

They are from kits. Sometimes we break up kits for one reason or another, so these are for sale separately, when available.