15 Sec Auto

This is my 1st year doing VRC, and I had a few questions to do with the 15-second auto program. If I’m right, at the beginning of the match you could start in either of the 4 corners depending on if you are on red or blue and if you are match loading or not. So this means that in my case, I need to have 4 different 15 sec programs, but how would I put that into the brain? How can I easily make the 4 different programs easily accessible to the brain without having to download it every time based on which corner I am in? Thank you!

You can use the same 2 programs for both sides, since they are symmetrical to each other. You don’t need to have a separate near or far side for each alliance color.

You could download two separate programs to the Brain (and select right before match) without having to download every match.

You could also make a GUI on the Brain using LVGL or another similar software.


Welcome to the world of VRC! I’m new this season, but I’ve learned enough to answer the question.

First of all, it doesn’t really matter which area you start on for your team’s starting tiles, but if you are doing match reload, you should start where you are on the other team’s offensive zone (for example, if you are on blue team, place your robot on the side of the red goal in your zone).

HOWEVER: remember you cannot physically (that mean you yourself) interact with the robot itself during the match, as the Game Manual states. All you can really do with your autonomous is drive it to score (push ore intake). But you will only need 2 programs. If you choose to only do one, however, you will want to be the first of your alliance on the field to make sure that you will get the spot you need. But I would suggest doing one for both the left and right sides for alliance start.

Also consider you cannot go past the single line that is next to the double line during autonomous. When you begin the programming, since it’s your first year, I would use the blocks programming system this year to start out until you get it down enough to go to text. (the advice I was given) When you do, make sure you name your programs based on where you start. For example, if you are going to start near the goal, make sure the title includes the word “goal” in it. If you are in the match reload zone, make sure the title includes the word “reload” in it that way you don’t get confused.

When you begin your programming, always add the 3 main events to start programming: “when started”, “when autonomous”, and “when driver control” and BE SURE you have already added all the devices (including the controller with the preferred settings. Otherwise all that will work is the autonomous.)

As for anything else, there is not much more to explain. Hope this helped!

-C Rhineheart
9545C Team (Cyber Cadets)

Someteams (like myself) make use of the brain screen in order to select the auton. You can use a function to find the last place the brain was pressed and when it’s pressed and select the auton based off of that. For more information search for “auton selector” in the search bar of the forum.