15 Sec Autonomous Question

Apologies if this has been answered. However, when looking at the Skyrise rules, I see nothing that says you have to start on a certain tile. However, whether you select the red of blue alliance starting tiles, you are bound by that decision to only be building a skyrise on that adjacent skyrise base.

Is my interpretation of this correct? Or does a ref assign you which one you start on? Just want to make sure.

I honestly did check out the forums to see if this has been asked, albeit for 45 seconds.


You are right that you are bound to the skyrise base and segments at your starting tiles. You are assigned by the organizers of the event to an alliance (red or blue) for each match. You and your alliance partner decide which of your alliance’s two starting tiles you each start on. This is for regular matches. For programming or robot skills, you can start on any of the starting tiles and I believe that your can score anywhere.

Hope this is helpful and clarifies things for you.

One small clarification

This is for robot and programming skills.

Thanks for the clarification.

No problem

Awesome. Thanks everybody for the clarification.

I was aware about how you’re randomly assigned either red or blue for the regular tournament matches.

However, I was unsure about the tile you start on for the programming and robot skills.

Cheers to you all.