1508a Peaucellier Linear Lift at Worlds

It was powered like a standard 4 bar. It had two motors (393 and legacy) on each side driving the top and bottom bars as I recall. If you missed this link on my blog you can watch the video and get a better idea.

This lift seems like a good idea for sack attack because as a lot of teams have mentioned a 4 6 8 or n bar has forward reach but when lifting a few pounds you wouldn’t want forward reach so it might be more useful this year than in roundup.

Ah that makes more sense. It took me a minute to realize what everyone was saying when it was like a peaucellier lift with a 4 bar. So just making sure, the peaucellier lift was just a guide while the 4 bar was powered?

i was thinking that at first, but then i realized it would be annoying to change the cad designs over something like this. It would help drivetrains, but i think it may slow the drivers alignment by like a second since the troughs are a much bigger object;)

I think you have it. The lower bar of the long 4 bar is actually the upper bar of the Peaucellier linkage. And as you say the Peaucellier guides the second 4 bar lower linkage. As was noted in the video, the two 4 bars form a 7 bar desk lamp mechanism which has a claw at the end. The Peaucellier linkage maintains just the right interior angle between the two 4 bars to make the claw rise and lower in a straight line.

As far as I know, the marriage of a 7 bar desk lamp with a Peaucellier is a unique concept to 1508. I have not seen any historical pictures showing this yet.