1561B/1561H Dual Winter Reveal


1561B and 1561H dual reveal


Thank you for launching a cap. I really appreciate that.

B team: Is there a reason your descorer is such high torque? It seems to me that you could double the speed of it and it would still act desirably.
Also, have you been talked to about pulling other teams off of the platforms? Wouldn’t that be borderline destructive? Sure, the center platform negates G12, but I would be very careful with entanglement.

H team: I like the single catapult. It’s all very low. Do you have plans to add a full descoring arm?

Both teams: I didn’t see any floor cap flipping with the intake rollers. Is there a reason for this? It seemed to me like a good dual-purpose mechanism.


To answer some of your questions, our descorer arm is geared that way simply because it’s what spaced out right, and once it is down it can descore really fast, we might change it when we do our V5 rebuild (If we get it cough cough). We haven’t gotten in any trouble over pulling teams off the platform, however that could just be because refs in our state tend to be on the relaxed side. I believe I does technically comply with all rules and usually we use it to push instead of pull so entaglement isn’t much of an issue. I can’t answer your questions to team H really but I’ll ask him and maybe get back to you. As for using the intake to flip caps, that is infact what our teams robot does and it works quite well, team H actually uses their multipurpose arm to do that instead.


but once you pull them off the platform if you are still entangled couldn’t you get in trouble for that?


Technically yeah, but we havent ever gotten stuck yet. Like I said we usually push to avoid that and we can just drive back out.


ok cool


So far we have not needed to add a descoring arm because the teams in our region mostly ignore caps. When we start competing in other regions we will most likely add one, but not until we get V5. The way my intake rollers are designed makes it difficult to flap caps with them, so I use my “multi-tool” to flip them.