1575D Midseason Reveal

1575D presents our early-season robot for the 2016-2017 VEX competition (We have already taken it apart and rebuilt):

4 motor base
6 motor lift
2 motor intake

The robot has a capacity of 4 stars, or 3 stars and a cube
Also is capable of a high elevation

And here is some match footage:

Being 100% honest i thought that was a tossup bot, and the back part was the big ball launcher

Does anyone still have a Toss Up robot together? I’d like to see how it would fare with picking up this year’s objects…

Lol we do miss toss-up!

Theres a saying in vex… Somone will use some variation of a tossup robot every year

We competed with our toss up robot once.

This is a very interesting robot, i think some type of intake design will win worlds this year.

That’s a really light looking robot. How much does it weigh?

Unfortunately we have already taken it apart so we can not weigh it, we estimated it to be around 12lbs though.

It’s a toss up robot they found in the back room

qq I wish we kept those robots around

I know this video was a long time ago but make sure you legally load your cube.

Glad to see side roller bots working well.

We didn’t know of the rule back then but since then we have learned of it and have corrected our strategy accordingly, but thanks for pointing that out!

Nice autonomous.
I haven’t seen anyone get all of the back stars like that before.

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you have as a rebuild?

We are still using a form of side rollers but we changed a few aspects of them to allow us to hold a larger capacity and also intake faster.

Are those intakes on speed or torque motors? o.o
Also, what was your arm gear ratio?

The intakes were geared internally for torque and the lift gear ratio was geared externally on a 7:1 for torque on torque motors.

love looking at similar robots. just saying its better to have a faster intake (turbo motors) and try mounting the rollers at an angle sideways this allows for larger contact patch on the star.

We have already redesigned to a faster variant of side rollers, though your suggestion is much appreciated!