1575Delta Worlds Reveal

We’re back at it again, 1575D for the 2016-2017 VEX game Starstruck.
We hope you enjoy our little pre-worlds reveal and wish you the best of luck at worlds!

See you at worlds!

Nice! Good luck at Worlds. Represent Virginia!!

I didn’t realize that anyone stuck with side rollers this long.
Good luck beating out all of the more common robot designs at worlds :slight_smile:
Great defence and very slick looking design.
See you there.

Thanks! and we sure will!

Yea we really wanted to be different this year, so we kept with the side rollers, hopefully it will pay off
See you there!

Awesome robot! Atleast one of the deltas know how to make a reveal video

Love to see the unique design! Best of luck!

Cool, I’m interested to see how you do

Is that VEX IQ Bank Shot goal I spot there?

Great reveal guys. I’ll see you all Next Friday in Louisville.

Great robot and good luck at worlds, you all were an extremely tough opponent

I can confirm that it is part of the old Bank Shot Goal, since we gave it to them. :slight_smile:

Great reveal video. I have been head ref at the majority of the events this robot has competed at, and I can tell you that this is a very competitive and dominant robot, especially in eliminations. Best of Luck at worlds, and see you there!

Innovative design! Hope you guys do well!

Thanks, last year we didn’t have time to make a nice reveal (team A) and this year we made sure we could.

Thanks you too! As we said earlier we just love having such a unique robot.

Haha we are too!

Thanks, and as confirmed by J.V.S it is indeed a Bank Shot goal, Recycling is always fun!!
See you there!

Thanks! Your team was a very tough opponent, and that helped encourage us to better our robot, thank you very much for all the tough competition.

Haha Thanks for the Bank Shot goal, also thank you for being a great head ref for the entire season. And good luck to you and see you there, I’m interested to see how your robots do, they look very competitive.

Haha We hope we do well too!

Oh look it’s 1575 [Pause] Wait… [Pause] Waaaaiiitttt… 1575… Delta? Hmm… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, am I seeing this text correctly? Do I have my glasses on? Is this the future? Am I sure it’s the future? Do I need my eyes checked again?

Lol I’m just joking xD I’ve never seen a robot with such impressive side rollers like that! Your robot seriously is so innovative and unique! Hopefully I can see you guys at worlds! May the best Delta Win!

Ha ha ha, very funny there… I’m totally laughing… Well, I promise a good reveal THIS TIME :slight_smile:

Aye, glad to see a professional intake roller bot going to worlds! I hope yall win in spite of the haters!

I’m going to respectfully disagree. Defense and capacity is great but the cycle time is lacking (and that’s inherent with side rollers this year). It’s a slower lift than a back or front dumper and it has to intake one at a time, not 7 at a time like a claw. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that defense may be underestimated this season, even though wall-bots are not very successful, good defensive robots can get in the lead of the match and stay ahead by blocking other teams dumps. Non-defensive claws just have to continue to throw the game objects over no matter how fast they are.

Most of the defense in this reveal was because drivers had no awareness of the other side of the field. It’s foolish to try to score through a side roller bot, but it’s very challenging to predict where I will score if I drive back and forth. And as soon as they go down to score once I’ve scored enough, I am free to go wild. We’ll have to see how this all plays out, of course.