1575Hammertime States Reveal

1575Hammertime presents our current robot for VEX In the Zone:

-4 motor direct drive on High Strength Motors (4" Wheels)
-1 motor 7:1 mobile goal intake on a High Strength Motor
-4 motor 7:1 scissor lift on High Speed Motors
-2 motor 5:1 chain-bar on Turbo Motors
-1 motor direct drive claw on High Strength Motors

-13 cone maximum height
-Scores in all zones

-Doesn’t need to lift scissor lift at all for the first 4 cones
-Mesh claw to ensure cones fall straight down
-Rope to funnel robot through rows of cones
-“Roof” on claw for easier auto-loading

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Looks good! See you in two days.

Formidable! We’ll see you there!!

Definitely best scissor lift I’ve seen yet


Making scissor lifts viable once again.


That looks really good. Very nice scissor lift. I look forward to seeing you there!

I agree with the posts above. One of the best scissor lifts i have seen.

Looks good, we’ll see you there

Thanks all from VA, we’ll see you tomorrow!

Thanks, we’ll be out there repping team scissor tomorrow!

repping les skizzors

Best scissor life I’ve seen by far, then again, this is my first year so I’m not sure how other seasons benefited from this style of lift. Either way, absolutely amazing job!