1575X Programming Skills

In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve decided to reveal a completely intentional programming skills run from our November 11th tournament. :slight_smile:

P.S. our robot doesn’t actually listen to us, it just goes and does its own thing

Woah nice robot, are you guys going to any of the January tourneys before states?

What is the gear ratio and wheel size of your drive, if you don’t mind me asking?

We will be at a handful of skills challenges as well as the competition at Patriot. Any other competitions are TBD, see you there!

The drive is on 3.25 inch wheels direct drive for speed

Nice star knocker.
How many points was it designed to get?

Seems like at the end, the cube hit the wall and fell to the other side. I am not sure if that is legal or not.

This particular routine was designed to get 39 points assuming all the stars on the fence went to the near zone, and everything else was optimal

It’s really not, good thing this wasn’t our final attempt :slight_smile:
This one was just a mess

how do you get the star knocker to fold out at the beginning like that?


I was at a tournament yesterday and chatted with a member of 1575X (his robot was not entered in the tournament). In addition to building excellent robots, this member also finds time to mentor younger teams and support them at their tournaments. Just had to call you out! You are awesome! From the coach of Gear Geeks.

Programming skills almost never seems to do what you tell it to do. Good luck with you robot and see you at states.

Essentially you shove a rubber band into the gear train to get it to release upon turning the gears, ghetto I know :slight_smile:

Nice job that’s really innovative, is the c channel connected to a hinge price that allows it to fold back?

p.s - if you’re looking for an alliance at worlds, you know where to go (12g) :wink:

There’s no hinge, it fits right inside size contraints

How many teams do you all think are gonna get into states from skills scores?

Well darn, someone already thought of that kind of star knocker. So much for thinking I came up with an original idea.

Most of all our ideas have already been thought of by someone on the planet.

Every idea I’ve seen this year, I saw on a robot in Clean Sweep in 2009-10, including the dumper/launcher (team 254A and those inspired by it), pushbots, catapults, claws, defensive specialists, and special scoring experts - locking up balls in 2010, hanging in 2017 (teams 44, 10Q, 2921A, others?). There is no new thing under the sun. The key thing is to use the vast store of ideas of those upon whose shoulders you stand, and perfect them for the present challenge.

Note that you aren’t allowed to load programming loads into the hanging tile.

The alliance starting tile is the tile where you start, and you have to start there (you are in the right place).

You probably already know this, but it looks like at the end of the video you start to load a cube into the wrong square.

Probably quite a few, Woodbridge has opened up quite a few slots

Everything we’ve ever built is essentially a compilation of years prior :slight_smile:

We are aware of that, thanks for keeping us in line though! :wink: