1575X Worlds Reveal

Presenting the robot we will be taking with us for 2017 VEX Worlds!

Robot Specifications:
1:7 4 Motor Torque Lift
1:5 2 Motor Torque Claw
1:1 6 Motor Turbo Base

Based in Woodbridge Virginia, our school (Woodbridge Senior High School) is sending three teams to worlds this year!
1575B - Balrog, 1575D - Delta, and 1575X - Xcaliber

We hope to see y’all there!

Is the B team making a reveal?

Nice Job!
Glad to see that some teams are doing double reverse four bars as well and not just back dumping claws.
Good Luck!

It looks really good. I look forward to seeing you guys at Worlds. One question about your robot: why did you change to a DR4B over the 6 bar or 8 bar you had at states? The reason I ask is that you get more reach over the fence with a 6 or 8 bar. Good luck at Worlds.

Unfortunately we don’t think they will be making one this year :confused:

Especially enjoy this reveal because I can see the robot gathering the stars it claims to be able to lift. I feel as though while others have great robots, there tends to be some false advertising when they lock the stars together in huge piles and dump them over, when that would never occur in game. Aside from that, nice to see other designs are being utilized other than the back dumper. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck at worlds!

In essence, there were a couple of reasons we decided to make the switch. One of those being this provides additional maneuverability, the 8 bar, although nice, seems to protrude further out than we would like, hence restricting its its movement since both sets of bars tend to move forward whereas a dr4b essentially counteracts itself. The extra leverage is also nice. And since we don’t protrude out as far, it lessens a the likelyhood we fall flat on our face :slight_smile:

In our experience, it is just superior to the 8 bar in almost every way.

We don’t need to reach for the far zone as we don’t plan on doing skills this time around.

I’m personally glad someone noticed this, thank you and best of luck to you as well!!