1615A Reveal

Hello everyone! We’re Team 1615 Patribots from Massachusetts, here’s our current robot.

Stats :
Mecanum Drive at 1:1
6-bar lift at 1:15, lifts around 16-17 sacks
Table can usually intake around 20 sacks at a time
Intake (gearing changes depending on the match, anywhere from 1:1 to 1:3)
Can intake individual sacks at full speed, and intake pyramid stacks of 5 nearly full speed.
Can score/descore high goal via pneumatics
(Unofficial)Programming Skills : 105**
(Unofficial)Driver Skills : ~175

**Today I made a quick 105 point programming skills routine, but it only takes ~20-25 seconds to run, so I think I can improve that up to a 150 by this weekend pretty easily.

Thanks to 4886A for the idea of wrapping our intake with mesh

More videos and pictures to come after our next competition!


Sweet! I can’t see your high goal scorer… where is it? o.O

It’s hidden under the table, it’s tucked in there pretty well. It’s simply a piece of metal that actuates back and forth. There are standoffs that work the same way my intake works that stick off of it that can drag the sacks off the high goal if needed.

What is the motor layout. Assuming 4 4 2 all 393s in high torque?

4 393’s torque on Drive

2 393’s torque + 2 269’s on Lift

2 393’s on table/intake

I only have 8 393’s in total, but should be getting 2 more once we find some extra cash :stuck_out_tongue:

This robot looks extremely good. I’m looking forward to Pembroke this weekend.

Nice looking robot. How well can you strafe with your mecanum drive? We actually had to remove our mecanums because we found that when we held too many sacks, the strafing didn’t work well.

Thanks, so am I!

I normally never strafe while on the ground, only when I’m scoring over a trough, so it’s not a big problem since I’ve already emptied most of the sacks.

Comparing to 4886’s robot.

How fast does it intake/outtake?

How many do you put up in the High Goal?

Good luck at your upcoming competition!

I agree! This is going to be a fantastic competition!

Looks like we have some competition for programming skills now haha :smiley: Cant wait for this weekend.

What do you currently get in Programming Skills?

Officially 65. Unofficially 106 :wink: haha but on a more serious note… it currently runs 105 points.

Alright cool.

Ya, we “unofficially” have a pretty decent score over 100. Hopefully that will be enough to win it this next weekend.

Can it score on the 30"?

Who? Us?

Not currently. Soon we want to have our robot put the 5 match loads in the High Goal.

hah sorry yes jesse323z that was directed to you.

Hehe, just spent an hour more and improved it to 140 (150 max)… I could get that up to 175 I think… I haven’t timed the run yet so if I have more time I’ll add more. It’s a little inconsistent, especially with a fully charged/nearly dead battery, but I’ll have tomorrow to work those kinks =P

Note: this is comparing to 4886A from several weeks ago, so they might have changed since then.

Intakes very fast, considerably faster then 4886A.
Outakes about the same, probably a little faster.
Descores quite a bit slower, but we’re still improving over time.
We can consistently get 4/5 match loads in the high goal, 5/5 once in a while.
Thanks, best of luck with your competitions as well!

Haha nice! I may or may not have added to my program since then :stuck_out_tongue: haha but i’m glad somebody else has actually tried programming skills haha should be fun either way :smiley:

Nice! Hope to see high scores! (and preferably over APAC’s scores xD)

Hehe your correct, 4886a is looking forward to seeing your design which was able to improve many of the flaws of our past robot!
We’re looking forward to see how our new robots holds up against yours :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the time for your lift to get to max height??