162A Winter Reveal

Team 162A is proud to present our winter robot!

Using V5 it features:
1 motor flywheel
1 motor intake
1 motor indexer
1 motor cap flipper
4 motor drivetrain

I like it! Looks like a really powerful flywheel. What’s the firing rate like? Can your I take flip caps?

It is geared 5:1 turbo so it spins at 3000rpm. It recovers very fast but I haven’t actually timed the rate yet. And the intake can flip caps, see the absolute beginning of the reveal

Really like the robot @josh_siegel - especially that cross-court shot!
I was, however, curious as to why you chose to use two vision sensors over one?
Do they have different uses?

The move at the end there - with the descore-er hitting the middle flag - just wanted to remind you that that is illegal. You probably already know and were just doing it for the video, but in case you didn’t, you now do.

@Atlantis calculating distance and height using an original algorithm.

@TaranMayer thank you but yes that was a joke

@Carlinh he literally just answered it, look above.


Ya. With two vision sensors you can triangulate and locate things really well.

@callen very true, vision sensors are op