16688C Worlds Teaser

Hi, we’re going to attend the VEX IQ world championship middle school afternoon LRT division and we made a little hype video. Hope you enjoy :smiley:

make sure to turn on the sound!


I really like that claw on the bottom


yeah, i wonder where it came from

Thanks, @FRC973


Very nice robot! Out of curiosity, what are the little blue horizontal wheels at the back for?

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The pulleys? That was 16688B’s idea. basically in skills when the robot it parallel to the field, turning causes a lot of friction and those wheels kinda smooth it all out.


Hi, Awesome hype video.
Can you better explain the pulleys in the back and how they prevent friction when turning. Our team has been having this problem all season and we would love to know how you resolved it.

Thx! The pulleys don’t help too much. There is still plenty of friction. For skills we usually just strafe to get out of a bad position where we cant turn (we have a h drive). One suggestion is that if you have something preventing sideways free movement like a h drive or using traction wheels on the drivetrain, you can either change them for omnis or put the center h drive motor on MotorBrake during driver control so that the robot can readjust.

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or, as this video shows, I just avoid being in next to the perimeter.


He won worlds with this robot